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TEC Client Testimonials

Manitoulin Transport

Michel Lafrance – Plan Administrator

“The Manitoulin Transport organization has been working with Benefit Partners since 1993 for its group benefits needs and 1998 on the pension side.

With the transport industry being extremely competitive, Manitoulin has been at the forefront in searching for creative solutions to the forever increasing costs of drug coverage especially and of disability and dental coverage. Using the vast experience of Benefit Partners in the complexity of group benefits and pension plans, we have been able to find and implement acceptable solutions to the challenge, providing our personnel with a better than average plan to protect them and their family as well as provide the controls required by the financial people.

Working with a consultant is a story of relationship and trust and Benefit Partners have certainly earned both and we feel confident that they will continue to wisely counsel us through plan design changes and/or change of carriers if and when these become necessary due to our needs and market offerings.

We warmly recommend Benefit Partners to all companies looking for solutions to their group benefits and pension plan needs.”

Community Living Association for South Simcoe

Mary Kay Tombu – Director, Human Resource Services

“The Community Living Association for South Simcoe is a non-profit charitable organization providing supports to people with developmental handicaps.

Last summer we were in a position where our group benefit plan premiums were escalating beyond the confines of our rigid budget and we wanted to revise our plan to ensure staff received the most value for our premiums. Benefit Partners introduced us to a collective purchasing program where we could maintain our autonomy, improve our target loss ratio, and benefit from the collective volumes under the plan. Benefit Partners worked with us to:

  • negotiate new insurance company arrangements with Desjardins Financial Services;
  • make changes from our previous contract to ensure staff received the most value for the premium dollar;
  • ensure the contract was defined as requested;
  • explain changes to the plan to our Union Representatives and answer their questions; and
  • ensure the transition from one insurance company to another was smooth.

Since that time, Benefit Partners have continued to monitor our experience with Desjardins through phone calls, e-mails, personal visits and the provision of quarterly experience reports. The customers service we receive from Benefit Partners and Desjardins Financial Services is exemplary.”

John G. Cooke and Associates Ltd.

John Barton – Vice President

“Since Benefit Partners approached us to introduce the concept of Collective Purchasing for employee benefit programs, we made a decision to move to The Employers Cooperative program. From that point forward, we have found The Employers Cooperative program to be the most long term cost effective vehicle to run our benefit program within. In addition to the financial advantage, we are very pleased to see that the level of service and commitment from our consultant and service representatives has been second to none. I was very impressed with the employee communication session and believe that it was well received by our employees. The various aspects of our plan were well presented, especially how our premiums are calculated. Benefit Partners is very knowledgeable in the field of benefits, executive compensation, pension advice etc. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone interested in achieving these types of goals.”

Engineering Harmonics Inc.

Teresa Boyack – Director, Finance & Administration

We have been with Benefit Partners since 2001, and from the moment we moved our group plan to them, not only did we achieve a large reduction in our yearly benefits expenses, but also received a large increase in services and benefits to our staff.

Benefits Partners is not a firm that “sells the product and leaves you alone”. They also help you to administer the program, keep you informed of new advances or benefits and help to keep benefit costs in line by continually educating staff members through communication sessions on “how to best use and care for your benefits plan!”

Each and every Benefit Partners staff member we have spoken to is knowledgeable, highly service oriented, responsive, and pro-active. I would not hesitate to recommend Benefits Partners to anyone interested in any of the services they offer!!

Locke Truss Co Ltd.

Gary Lalonde – President

“I am writing this letter as a reference for Benefit Partners. They have looked after our group benefits at Locke Truss for the past 4 years and brought a fresh approach and low administrative cost to my plan as well as provided many innovative and flexible ideas for me to choose from. I highly recommend the Benefit Partners team… ”

Engineering Dynamics

Lois Hanna – Accounts Manager

“It is our pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation to Benefit Partners.

Benefit Partners approached us in 2007 concerning changing our group benefit program to the Co-Operative Collective Purchasing Program (TEC). We had been with our current carrier for over 10 years.   Our loyalty to them meant that we put our trust in them to give us the best rates possible. We were very surprised with the offer under the TEC program and felt the savings were worth the risk. From that point forward we have found the TEC program to be the most cost effective program for our company. Besides financial savings, the level of service and commitment from our consultant and the service representatives has been exemplary. We were very impressed with the employee communication session and believe that it was well received by our employees. The plan is always well presented and detail of how our premium is calculated is always carefully explained. It is our opinion that Benefit Partners is very knowledgeable in the field of benefits and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Thames Emergency Medical Services

W.R. Liersch – General Manager

“It gives me great pleasure to provide this referral letter on behalf of Benefit Partners..

During the years that I have been associated with Benefit Partners they have repeatedly offered the best in benefit expertise. During crucial collective agreement negotiations they have always made themselves available to offer quotations, suggest benefit package modifications and answer union concerns; enabling us to successfully reach renewals.

During tight fiscal years, Benefit Partners has shown innovation in obtaining the best pricing for our benefit plans. Through initiatives such as bulk purchasing through service association and tendering for competitive price, our service has continually been able to offer an excellent benefit package at affordable pricing. I am pleased to say that Benefit Partners recently negotiated a substantial premium reduction to the health care plans with our current health benefit provider.

For more than thirteen (13) years Benefit Partners has proven that they are there to protect my best interest both in the benefit product offered and competitive price and I look to continue this relationship in the years to come.”

The Advocates’ Society

Alexandra Chyczij– Executive Director

“The Advocates’ Society has been a client of Benefit Partners since 2004 and we appreciate the high degree of service they provide.  Any time a question comes up we don’t have to worry about contacting our insurance provider directly and trying to figure out the person or department we should be forwarding our question to.  We can rely on the staff of Benefit Partners to provide an accurate response in a timely fashion.  With our best interest always in mind, Benefit Partners continues to ensure that we remain informed so that the best decisions are made with respect to our benefit program.  For example, in our renewal report Benefit Partners is proactive by providing us with suggested plan design changes to enhance the benefit program or get the rates under control.  Benefit Partners will conduct a market analysis to ensure that we are getting the best rates and target loss ratio etc.  They produce for us quarterly claims experience reports and conduct informative employee communication sessions.  Keeping current on new products available to enhance our group benefit program is very important to us since they can be used as a tool to attract new employees and retain our existing ones.  Benefit Partners has done a great job in introducing such programs, some of which we have implemented.  I would have no problem recommending Benefit Partners to any company looking for knowledgeable and personable people to advise, maintain and service their group benefit program.”

Expedition Helicopters

Todd Calaiezzi – President

“This letter is to confirm that Benefit Partners has negotiated, implemented and effectively managed the employee benefits program for Expedition Helicopters since our plan’s inception in 2008.

Our industry has historically been difficult to insure, however Benefit Partners has displayed the level of experience and familiarity with our industry that is necessary to effectively manage our program.

We do not hesitate to recommend Benefit Partners as Employee Benefits Consultants”

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