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OWTA Client Testimonials

Ontario Truss & Wall

Juanita Hart, CGA – Vice President Finance

“Ontario Truss & Wall has been associated with the professional services of Benefit Partners after joining the Ontario Wood Truss Fabricators Association’s Group Benefit Plan in April 2010.

“During our negotiations with Benefit Partners we were extremely satisfied with the quality of the information they provided to us so that we could make the best decision possible to provide quality health insurance benefits to our management and staff. Our company believes that being able to provide the best coverage at the most reasonable rates enable us to hire and retain quality staff in our operations. The team did not disappoint us, Benefit Partners helps us administer our benefits program so that we enjoy affordable services now and in the future! Benefit Partners staff members are knowledgeable and reliable; their expertise and cooperative effort help us reduce this company administrative burden.

We are looking forward to many more years of service from the team at Benefit Partners. But most of all we are excited about finally stepping off the treadmill some of us know all too well when frequently changing group benefit plans! We highly recommend the services of Benefit Partners to those looking for the best products, exemplary service at the most competitive rates on the market.”

Locke Truss Co Ltd.

Gary Lalonde - President

“I am writing this letter as a reference for Benefit Partners. They have looked after our group benefits at Locke Truss for the past 4 years and brought a fresh approach and low administrative cost to my plan as well as provided many innovative and flexible ideas for me to choose from. I highly recommend the Benefit Partners team... ”

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