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CEO Testimonials

FVB Energy Inc.

Linda Arsenault - Controller

FVB Energy Inc. has been dealing with Benefit Partners since 1 December 2009. When Dan Millar of Benefit Partners approached FVB Energy to give us a quote I was more than sceptical. I was unsure about moving our benefit program to a new broker and insurance company and required lots of convincing. Well I can tell you that this is probably one of the best decisions I have made. My concern that the cost savings of moving to another provider would only last until the first renewal and then FVB Energy would see a substantial increase in our rates moving forward, did not happened. Benefit Partners saved us enough money that FVB Energy was able to offer the staff an additional benefit of a “Health Care Spending Account”.

I have found that Benefit Partners is always prompt to answer our questions and to resolve any issues that the staff have had relating to benefit issues. FVB Energy has several offices across Canada and there has not been any problem with Benefit Partners servicing our needs.

I would hands down recommend Benefits Partners.

Consulting Engineers of Ontario

Barry Steinberg, P. Eng. - President

“Benefit Partners has been a CEO affiliate since 1997. During this time, it has saved our member firms many thousands of dollars on their employee benefits programs by allowing them to take advantage of the same types of plans that normally are available only to large organizations.

Benefit Partners' expertise, commitment and depth of knowledge have always worked to the advantage of our member firms. The feedback we have received over the years has always been strongly positive, and we highly recommend their services to any organization looking to save on employee benefits.”

Consulting Engineers of Ontario

John Gamble, P. Eng. – Past President

“Consulting Engineers of Ontario has had the pleasure of working with Benefit Partners for many years. Over that time Benefit Partners has successfully developed and implemented our most successful affinity program – The CEO Collective Purchasing Plan for Employee Benefits.

Over the course of our relationship we have seen the plan grow to include several thousand plan members representing over 60 consulting engineering firms in the Province of Ontario.

We have always found Benefit Partners to be resourceful, proactive and extremely professional representing the CEO as well as in representing our member firms. Benefit Partners service staff is highly responsive and client/employee focused. In the many years that Benefit Partners has represented the CEO, our participating firms have been overwhelmingly positive about the service provided by Benefit Partners, providing countless endorsements for a job well done.

We would strongly encourage any organization to utilize the services of Benefit Partners.”

Tecsar Engineering Inc.

Leesa Moore - Financial Controller

“Tecsar Engineering Inc. has been participating in the CEO Collective Purchasing Program since August of 1998 with 100% satisfaction.

Tecsar’s participation was initially fuelled by the cost savings offered by the CEO membership program but has grown dependent on the service level provided by Benefit Partners and Industrial Alliance.

Industrial Alliance’s prompt and efficient service is appreciated by the employees and is the major element they are involved in. Money, both coming and going, is what concerns them the most! What they do not realize is that the service provided by Benefit Partners helps keep as much of that money in their pockets as possible. Benefit Partners has negotiated our Group Insurance program over the last four years and has kept premiums below pre-CEO participation levels. This is evidence of their total commitment to the participants in the program and their willingness to think “outside the box” in order to develop and deliver creative benefit programs and solutions that meet the needs of both the employer and their employees.”

MTE Consultants Inc.

Stephanie Dell – Director, Human Resources

“Dan Millar and his team at Benefit Partners have been working with our company of approximately 200 employees since March 2000. As a result of Benefit Partners’ ongoing evaluation and consultation of our group benefit plans, our company is able to provide employees with quality benefit coverage and service when needed. Benefit Partners is consistently there for us when we need assistance with administrative requests, claim inquiries and other types of related employee benefit issues. Over the years we have formed a great working relationship with Benefit Partners and trust that they will always represent MTE Consultants with our best interests in mind.”

Schaeffers Consulting Engineers

A.R. Steedman – President

“In 1997, Benefit Partners approached our firm to participate in their CEO Collective Purchasing program. The programs cost savings coupled with the energy and salesmanship of Benefit Partners, convinced us that the CEO program would be beneficial to our company, particularly long term.

Now six years later, we are pleased with our decision and suggest that all CEO firms investigate this unique program as we continue to experience significant cost savings. In addition, service levels have remained high and we have very few complaints from our employees on the program.”

Walters Forensic Engineering

Mohamed Abdullahi - Controller

“Walters Forensic Engineering has been a client of Benefit Partners since 1995. During that period Benefit Partners staff, especially Lori Elliott, our service representative, have proved to be very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns.”

Giffin Koerth Forensic Engineering and Science

Chris Giffin – President

“Our organization has been working with Benefit Partners during the start up of our company to implement employee benefit coverage. Now that we have grown, Benefit Partners have again arranged our coverage to ensure the most competitive program for our employees and company is in place.

The expertise and knowledge that Benefit Partners has within the Consulting Engineering Industry has proven to be very valuable to our company.

We would highly recommend Benefit Partners to any engineering firm who is looking for leading edge thinking, cost effective solutions and excellent service.”

Robinson Consultants Inc.

Andy Robinson, P.Eng. – President

We have been part of the CEO Collective Purchasing Plan of Employee Benefits since 1998. Prior to switching from our previous carrier and long time agent, we needed to be convinced that the move was the right one for us. Dan Millar of Benefit Partners worked closely with us to design a plan which duplicated all aspects of our previous plan, with a significant cost savings in premiums. The CEO plan provides a level of security to all firms, but in particular, to the small and medium sized firms. In the event of a major claim, such as a loss of life or long term disability, an insurance company may decide to terminate coverage for a company that has its own individual plan.

The CEO plan presently has in excess of 2400 employees insured, therefore, any such claims are part of a much larger group. The security of being part of a large collective purchasing group is most important to us. The lower cost of the CEO plan and excellent service provided by Benefit Partners are welcomed additions..


Brad R. Irwin - Manager, Support Services

“We are very pleased to provide a letter of recommendation to Benefit Partners. Promaxis Systems Inc. has been participating in the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) Collective Purchasing Program since February 2004. Dan Millar was instrumental in the design of Promaxis’ Group Insurance Program that duplicated and exceeded the benefit coverage we had with our previous insurance carrier. As a result of Dan’s hard work, combined with his vast knowledge of the insurance industry, a significant reduction of over 21% to our Group Insurance Program was achieved.

Industrial Alliance has proven to be very efficient in processing all claims. They have a unique and effective Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, where any questions or concerns our employees may have are answered without delay.

Thanks to Benefit Partners, the cost savings from our Group Insurance Program now allows us to be much more competitive in our industry, while at the same time utilizing cost effective strategies. Overall, we are very satisfied with Benefit Partners, the Collective Purchasing Program and Industrial Alliance.”

Atkinson Engineering Inc.

Ryan O'Neill - Accountant

“Benefit Partners can always be counted on for efficient and friendly service. They have been extremely helpful in answering my questions and assisting with any problems encountered.”

B.M. Ross & Associates

Joanne Brunk - Bookkeeper

“B. M. Ross and Associates Limited has had the pleasure of working with Benefit Partners since 1997. The collective purchasing program offered through Benefit Partners has allowed us to keep the cost of our employee benefit package at a manageable level.

Through the years, the staff of Benefit Partners have been both knowledgeable and helpful with claims or questions that we may have had.

RTG Systems Corporation

Candace Lessard, Office Manager

“Our company has had the pleasure of working with Benefit Partners Inc. since 2006. Up to this time, we had scarcely heard from our previous group insurance broker; so indeed it was a pleasant surprise to have the attention and service Benefit Partners provided us. They presented us with significant cost savings compared to what we had been paying, and the implementation was seamless. Benefit Partners continues to keep our best interest in mind, by always listening to our concerns and regularly sending status reports to let us know how we are doing.

RTG Systems Corporation highly recommends Benefit Partners Inc. and the CEO Collective Purchasing program to any member of the CEO considering their service; every member of their team is a true pleasure to deal with.”

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