Health & Dental Plans are the cornerstone of Group Benefits, but there's more than just prescription coverage to consider.

We work with you to determine the best benefits that fit with your company's vision, and help find ways to keep them sustainable.

We are experts in all types of group retirement plans and can help you manage your new or existing plan so your members can retire in dignity.

We work with executives and employees in all industries to provide individual financial consultation along the entire spectrum of financial planning.

We provide corporate and individual clients with unbiased and personalized financial advice, solutions, and services that will enable them to achieve their individual goals and ensure financial independence and retirement security.

Travelling out of country?

Seeking personal Health, Dental, AD&D, and/or Critical Illness coverage?

Let's get you setup now.

Health & Wellness Accounts can be setup for employees to claim expenses beyond what may be covered by other plans, and are especially valuable to particularly small corporations.

Inquire with one of our agents about adding one to your business.