About the CEA

The Consulting Engineers of Alberta is a registered organization representing Alberta engineering firms. These firms employ nearly 9,000 individuals including professional engineers, technologists and support staff. The industry contributes over $1.9 billion annually to the Alberta economy.


FVB Energy Inc. has been dealing with Benefit Partners since 1 December 2009.  When Dan Millar of Benefit Partners approached FVB Energy to give us a quote I was more than sceptical.  I was unsure about moving our benefit program to a new broker and insurance company and required lots of convincing.  Well I can tell you that this is probably one of the best decisions I have made. My concern that the cost savings of moving to another provider would only last until the first renewal and then FVB Energy would see a substantial increase in our rates moving forward, did not happen.  Benefit Partners saved us enough money that FVB Energy was able to offer the staff an additional benefit of a “Health Care Spending Account”.

I have found that Benefit Partners is always prompt to answer our questions and to resolve any issues that the staff have had relating to benefit issues.  FVB Energy has several offices across Canada and there has not been any problem with Benefit Partners servicing our needs. 

I would hands down recommend Benefits Partners.

Linda Arsenault - Controller