About CTEA

The Canadian Transportation Equipment Association is designed to organize the Commercial/Vocational Vehicle Manufacturing sector including their Dealer Distributors, Component Manufacturers and Associate Service Providers and in their mutual interest to serve the Canadian Marketplace.

Fabmaster Ltd. has been working with Reg Prandle & Benefit Partners for over a year now.  We had an employee benefits package from another supplier for several years and are very grateful to have made Reg’s acquaintance.  Upon switching over to Benefit Partners, we immediately saw the results that were promised by Reg.  Our previous supplier made perhaps one appearance per year while Reg has maintained a constant interactive relationship with us.  Benefit Partners has promptly replied to all questions and concerns that we’ve had from the beginning of our relationship.  I have no problem recommending Benefit Partners to other companies.

Marc Mahé - HR Manager & Proprietor

Benefit Partners Inc. has provided services to Malmberg Truck Trailer Equipment Ltd. over the past few years.

Our experience with Dan Millar and his capable staff has been exceptionally rewarding to our company – both from a quality perspective as well as cost.  Their knowledge and expertise have served us well. 

Benefit Partners’ Communication Sessions with our employees have helped with providing awareness – and therefore gratitude – with our company benefit plan.  Suggested changes and their implementation are communicated to employees professionally and all questions are received and answered to our employees’ satisfaction. 

During these difficult times of rising health costs, Benefit Partners has provided expertise which has significantly reduced group insurance costs to the corporation.

We highly recommend Benefit Partners to other corporations.

Steve Malmberg - President

The main focus of a trade Association is to provide tangible benefits for its members.  When Benefit Partners came to the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA) with their collective purchasing plan for member employee benefits it seemed that it should be a virtually "no-brainer" decision for the Board of Directors.  But the CTEA Board takes their job very seriously, so they naturally went through a proper due-diligence study with Benefit Partners, and the end result just confirmed that feeling that this was a "no-brainer".  The opportunities for significant savings for small and medium sized companies that make up the majority of the CTEA membership are real, and so far it has been a pleasure working with the Benefit Partners team.

Don Moore, P.Eng. - Executive Director